Electric Cars go Pink in China

Electric Cars go Pink in China

Green electric cars are so 2012. In China electric cars go Pink, and the better for it. I met this fine example on an early morning on my way to work. I drove my red electric scooter at its 50km/h top speed, and passing this Pink electrocar wasn’t that easy, it did at least 40. I managed to overtake, take distance, stop, and shoot.


On the driver seat sat an old man, wearing a thick coat against the cold. On the bench in the back a little girl, likely his granddaughter, likely on her way to school. The speedy Pinky electric can carry to in the back plus one driver. A few animals will fit in as well. The vehicle was made of plastic and the panels were Pink from the factory, no wrapping here. Sadly I was unable to determine the brand of this brilliant little car, the license plate only indicates this is a electric car for the disabled. If you know more about this electrifying Pink vehicle, please let me know in the comments.

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Tom D.

That is a PINK car, it looks like a toy!

marco loglio

This is a very nice car that is similar to the quadricycle E6 in Europe . In Europe this kind of vehicles are legal and everybody can drive them with a motorcycle license. The most famous of the electric quadricycle is the Renault Twizy that also has a version E7 , means a vehicle with a max power of 15 Kw, already good for speed over 80 km/h.
The electric quadricycles could be a great improvement in the chinese busy trafic to lower the pollution and the space needed for parking. I say welcome to this little pink car.

the critical mass

pink might make electric cars more acceptable for young female drivers.