Honda Accord is the Fashion Force in China

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A very impressive Honda Accord sedan, seen in the great city of Chongqing by reader Colin, thank you for the picture! The good Honda is dressed up as a vehicle belonging to the ‘Fashion Force’ which is apparently considered something very cool. The Fashion Force Honda Accord comes with Fashion Force badges and speedy five-spoke black alloys; all set & ready for a crack down on fashion related crime…

The Honda Accord was made by the Guangzhou-Honda joint venture, the new Honda Accord was launched on the China car market in September. A few other special Accords we met in country: matte black, purple fifth-generation, third generation Honda Accord Coupe, and the China-only 1 Million Anniversary Edition.

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  1. Your site is very informative and thorough, but why do you have to describe every horrible sprawl of identical high-rises and pollution as the “great city of”? This sort of hyperbole elevates the merely mediocre to the level of the Great and reduces the Great to the level of cities that really do not rate as much on the map of cities around the globe. Chongqing is not the best example, since it is certainly a notable place – though far from great either aesthetically or even in global importance – but you have used “great city of” to describe some truly awful, ugly places in the past. I think it would help in attracting more native speakers of English if you were to cease this practice.

    Though I appreciate your intention to be positive and friendly to your Chinese hosts, I think there is no reason for this over-use of a word. If you must use a uplifting describer every time you mention a city, please try to very it a little bit.

    • Do you think Chinese cities are ugly?

      Chinese cities are based in Hong Kong and Singapore. Do you think those cities are ugly and awful?

      Chongqing certainly is a great city and also looks very good and cool.


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