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Made in China. Lost Small Cars of the 1990’s; a New Book about Chinese Car History

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The Great Automotive Explorer Erik van Ingen Schenou, founder of ChineseCars.net, has compiled a new Chinese automotive history masterpiece: “Made in China. Lost Small Cars of the 1990’s.” The brilliant book is about the wildest period there ever was in China as an auto land; the late 1990’s until the very early 2000’s when hundreds of small and very small car factories suddenly started building cars like crazy, mostly of their own design.

The period is almost forgotten today, in China and in the rest of the world. Erik van Ingen Schenou brings those good times back with a selection of  a hundred brands from all over China.  We have published many posts using original photos from the book, including articles about the Beifang QJC 7050 , the Yemingzhu YMZ 5010 X, and the Hualian Huali. Soon we will post an article about the beautiful Beifang QCJ7085, pictured above with Erik himself near the factory in Beijing in 1995.

A crazy time with crazy cars. Want more? Buy the Book!


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  1. Mr Ingen Schenau has been extremely generous in gifting me a copy of the book and I wholeheartedly agree it has an absolutely fascinating collection of pictures, history, and data. Yes, I would urge every one of those interested in the Chinese autos or the industry to definitely get a copy


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