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Spy Shots: new Zotye SUV from China beats Tesla for a Touch Screen

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Spy Shots showing what is going to be the biggest touch screen in the world, much larger than the ones found inside the Tesla Model S or the new Volvo XC90. But this screen isn’t fitted in any such cars, instead it will prettify the cabin of the upcoming Zotye T600 Sport, a sporty compact SUV that will sell from around 100.000 yuan or 16.112 USD.

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The Zotye T600 Sport is based on the regular Zotye T600 SUV. It comes with an aggressive body kit and sporty alloys, but the overall design of the body won’t change. Earlier on we heard the Sport would get a special more powerful engine but that is sadly not going to happen; the Sport will get the same four-cylinder petrol engines as the regular T600: a 162hp 1.5 turbo and a 177hp 2.0 turbo.


Zotye has some experience with large touch screens. On the recent Shanghai Auto Show the brand showed the Zotye Zhima E30 electric minicar, with a bitch of a screen and not a single button around.


Racy wing on the window, but the wheels need to be much bigger.

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  1. Zotye is A Great Co. That has a WINNING Business Plan, making low cost reliable cars & We Miss The Zotye Co in The Rep de Panama & Wish they would return, because they are Very much Missed here!!!

  2. So, how big is the screen? Just saying it is bigger doesn’t do much. What’s the diagonal? Tesla is 17″. What’s the square inches? Tesla is 126. Doesn’t look bigger. What can it do? Internet? Navigation? Right.


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