Spy Shots: new compact SUV for Changhe Auto

Spy Shots: new compact SUV for Changhe Auto

Spy Shots showing a new compact SUV for Changhe Auto. The company was almost dead when it was saved by Beijing Auto in 2013, and this SUV will be their first new car. Not entirely new however, it will be based on the upcoming Beijing Auto Senova X25 which again is based on Beijing Auto Senova D20.


Changhe logo on the steering wheel. Center console differs from Senova X25/D20, with a large touch screen on top of the stack, rather than inside it. It sure doesn’t look like a Beijing Auto gone cheap, indicating this new Changhe will be positioned in the same price segment as the Senova’s.


No word yet on engines, but it will most likely get the same four-cylinder petrol engines as the Senova X25/D20: a 99hp 1.3 and a 113hp 1.5, mated to a five-speed manual or a five-speed automatic.

One thought on “Spy Shots: new compact SUV for Changhe Auto”

  1. Nice to see Chang’he back from the almost dead, after a failed merger with Chang’an.
    After all what’s government sanctioned “consolidation” without a plan.

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