Guangzhou-Toyota Leahead i1 EV arrives at the Guangzhou Auto Show

Guangzhou-Toyota Leahead i1 EV arrives at the Guangzhou Auto Show

This is the production version of the Guangzhou-Toyota Leahead i1 EV, a new electric car for China. It was spied earlier today, arriving on a stinking diesel-powered truck for the Guangzhou Auto Show. The i1EV debuted as a concept in Shanghai in April.


Leahead is a new sub-brand under the Guangzhou-Toyota joint venture focused on making cheap electric cars for the masses. It should not be confused with ‘Ranz‘, which is another Chinese Toyota brand.


Initially, the i1 will launch as a lease-only demonstration project, similar to what BMW does with the Zinoro 1E. The i1 is based on the previous generation Toyota Yaris hatchback (not on the new Yaris L). Power comes from an electric motor with an output of 95hp. Zero to fifty takes 3.67 seconds, and range is said to be only 128 kilometer, which would make it pretty useless outside the city.

Size: 3930/1695/1555, wheelbase is 2460.


Battery pack visible midships under the car.


Interior seems 100% old Yaris. They didn’t even bother to add some blue (blue = green) or some green touches, let alone a techy touch screen. Wuzzy.


The crazy LeaHead logo depicting a white bird. Ornament is in blue-green (!).


Some more blue-green at the front. Well, that is nice. Bumper seems broken, but is actually designed.

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  1. This is a joke . An Ev with such a ridiculus range … Toyota has chosen to go Hydrogen powered already since long time ago.

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