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Spy Shots: Zotye T700 ‘Porsche Macan’ shows a bit more Ass in China

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New Spy Shots of the controversial Zotye T700 SUV from China, an almost perfect clone of the Porsche Macan. We first saw photos of a design model in June, causing stir around the world, with Porsche saying they might sue Zotye. But Zotye ain’t afraid and started testing the thing on the road. The new photos show the naked rear bumper, giants of taillights, and a large spoiler on the window.


The model.

Landwind got away with the X7, and Zotye got away with the the SR7 (Audi Q3), Damai X5 (Tiguan), the Zote T700 (Macan), and the Zotye T600 (Audi Q5). So they expect to get away with the Macan too, and they are likely right.


The Macan.


The size and proportions appear to be 1:1 with the Macan.

The T700 will be available with a 1.8, a 1.8 turbo, and a 2.0 turbo. All will be mated to a six-speed manual or a six-speed automatic. Earlier on we heard about a 3.0 V6 turbo, but that engine seems off the table, at least for now.

Price for the T700 will start around 170.000 yuan or 27.390 USD. Price for the Porsche Macan starts at 558.000 yuan or 89.920 USD.


And this is a fantastic photo showing a T700 body in the factory. Ship it over to Germany to see whether Porsche’s smartass engineers see any differences…

There is more:

Yes. Zotye cloned the interior too. Center tunnel, center console, the air vents, the dials, the seats, and the steering wheel. Compare to Macan:


The only thing that the Porsche has and the Zotye hasn’t is the lap timer on dash-top. Maybe Zotye thought that was a bit too silly for an SUV.


Another test car on the road.


Not a Macan, this is the Zotye T700 from China.

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