The Zotye T700 SUV from China is NOT a Porsche Macan

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This is not a Porsche Macan. This instead is the new Zotye T700 from China, developed and manufactured by Zotye Automobile, a local Chinese automaker with quite some expertise in copying cars. The Zotye T700 will be launched on the Chinese car market in 2016.

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This is the Porsche Macan. Overall design is 99% similar. And check the grille, the bumpers, the aur inlets, the shape of the roof, the mirrors, and even the shape of the doorhandles. Zotye did not forget the strip on the low end of the doors, and made it more shiny with a lot of chrome.


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The Zotye T700 is the new flagship for the Zotye SUV line. It will be positioned above the current Zotye T600, the upcoming Zotye T600 Sport, and the upcoming Zotye T600S. The Zotye T700 will be powered by a 177hp 2.0 turbo and by a yet mysterious new 3.0 V6 turbo that is currently under development at Zotye.

Price for the T700 will start around 170.000 yuan or 27.390 USD according to today’s exchange rate. Price for the Porsche Macan starts at 558.000 yuan or 89.920 USD.


Let’s have a look at a few other fine Zotye copy-cats: said T600 mixes Tiguan and Q5, the Damai X5 is a Tiguan, the Z700 looks like an Audi A6, especially inside, and the Z300 is a Toyota Allion.


Granted; the shape of the headlights differs a little. Zotye ‘Z’ logo on the bonnet.


The Macan.


Shape of the rear window and rear door are a 100 percent match again. Lights differ a little, and Zotye squared the exhaust pipes.


The Macan.

Some say the local Chinese automakers will one day stop copying cars. But I think that might take a while. It is much easier today to copy a car than it was some ten years ago, mostly because software and computers that are used for the copy-paste process have become much cheaper and easier to use. I heard that when it comes to motorbikes, all a Chinese company has to do is scan a picture from a brochure, and the computer will design the rest. When this sort of software becomes available for doing cars the age of the Chinese copy will take off like warplane, instead of dying down.

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  1. It’s interesting how they are getting away with copying others, as long as the only sell it in China then they can do what ever they want I guess.

    • Why? What exactly do you see as a problem? Does Porsche somehow lose its buyers? No, it’s not! none of the potential Porshe clients will not buy Zotie. So, there aren’t any reputational or financial problems for Porsche. Chinese are too independent in their actions, that it is most likely irritate those who consider themselves entitled to dictate to other rules of the game.
      Btw, Japanese did all the same stuff in in those days. They copied all-american shit starting with rifles and whaling schooners to automobiles and aircraft carriers. And look at Japan today. Maybe, that’s what make you feel unease?

      • Typical Chinesee thinking. There is something like respect for art and for others work. How you can respect that when your goverment doesn’t respect you ? Copying such things shouldn’t be common nor your attitude with it.

        • Watch yourself, you have started generalising and ranting almost like a degenerate supremacist.

          Anyways, this is not the proper site to engage in the debate that modern oligopolies are abusing our consumer sovereignty, which they are or the originality of design (Of which most automobile designs nowadays are most definitely derivative and ‘inspired’ designs at best).

          We must understand China’s IP laws (Which are separate from the US and almost-identical to the EU) and why the local governments wants to protect their provincial infant automobile industry. They also do not have luxury of so-called, “independent design”, when a good load of them are just barely making a living. Not having the funds or economies of scales to rival that of Global multi-nationals, these upstarts have to do what they can to survive and gain market share (Zotye is arguably the most successful copycat in the industry now), not unlike the Japanese or the Koreans when they first started. You don’t want these ‘copycats’ to succeed, fine.
          Leave this site and buy a VW/GM/Ford/Toyota/Renault/
          Citroen/Honda etc.

          But lumping all Chinese, whether is it from the PRC, Taiwan or otherwise seems too disingenuous to me.


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