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JAC Goes Electric On The Beijing Auto Show

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JAC unveiled three new electric cars on the Beijing Auto Show. They will be launched on the Chinese car market this year and they have blue decorations, because blue = green.

Starting off with the iEV7, an electric sedan based on the upcoming JAC Refine A60. Power comes from an electric motor with 148hp and 330nm. Top speed is 160 kilometer per hour, 0-50 takes 5 seconds and 0-100 takes 11 seconds. Range is 320 kilometer.

This is the iEV6, formerly known as the iEV5+, and not to be confused with the iEV6S.

The iEV6 is basically a new variant of the iEV5, with a streamlined body, a more upmarket interior, and a longer range. The electric motor is the same, with an 0utput of 68hp and 215nm, but range is up from 250 to 300 kilometer. Top speed however went down from 120 to only 102 kilometer per hour.


The last one is the iEV6E. What on earth moves JAC to name them all so similar? Buyers will get confused and annoyed, like I am now. Anyway. The iEV6E is based on the BenBen hatchback. The electric motor has an output of 61hp and 175nm. Range is just 152 kilometer, which seems far too short, and top speed is 102 kilometers per hour again. Could work as a city car.

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