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Aiways U6 is a budget Urus in China

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Ever feel that car design isn’t “rad” enough?  Or want a car that reflects your gamer lifestyle?

This is the Aiways U6, a midsize SUV that is many things but definitely not subtle. In this article, we see some final details not available to us in the past.

With a daring coupe profile but, strangely, many straight geometrical designs, the U6 is recognizable from far away. In yellow and black, it’s almost as funky as a Lamborghini Urus!

Interior-wise, the craziness continues- game-inspired seat patterns and high contrast interior trim, along with a gear shifter that looks like a jet-fighter throttle quadrant.

Although it has a crazy design, the Aiways U6 is sensible in many ways:

The driver’s display is a small but ultra-wide 8.2-inch color screen, which is great to minimize driver distraction.

There is a full suite of 27 safety technologies, including not-so-common features such as AI- cruise, traffic jam assist, and narrow road protection.

At 4805/1880/1641mm with a 2800mm wheelbase, the U6 sits on fully independent suspension front and rear. There are three trim levels: Play (63kWh battery, 503km NEDC), Cyber Play (72kWh battery, 580km NEDC), Top Play (88kWh battery, 650km NEDC), all driven by a 160kW 315Nm motor.

Pricing is yet unknown, but is the Aiways U6 right for you? I feel old!

Source: QCTT

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