BYD’s Denza N8 interior was unveiled with 6 seats and a large screen

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The interior of the Denza N8 from BYD was unveiled in official images in China, with a huge rotatable screen and six seats. It has appeared that its design is similar to the Denza X SUV that has already left the market. Let’s get to know the Denza N8 better.

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As always, before we will crack on with the Denza N8 interior, let’s detail the Denza brand. It was initially a joint venture between BYD and Mercedes-Benz. In this project, BYD was responsible for tech and manufacturing, while Mercedes-Benz worked on the car’s styling. Anyway, this project wasn’t really successful, so Mercedes-Benz distanced from this JV in 2021. Their last joint product was the Denza X SUV. Nowadays, BYD resurrects this vehicle, but without linking it to Mercedes-Benz.

Basics on Denza N8

Previously, Denza N8 was unveiled in official images. It appeared to be really close to the Denza X in terms of exterior design. And later, the Chinese MIIT revealed some of its specs. Basically, the N8 is a mid-size SUV based on the BYD Tang. The previous Denza X also was the BYD Tang sibling. Back to the N8, its dimensions reach 4949/1950/1725 mm with a wheelbase of 2830 mm. Surprisingly, it is 59 mm longer than the Denza X with a 10-mm longer wheelbase.

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Speaking about the N8’s powertrain, there are four options. The first one is BEV with a single electric motor on the front axle for 230 kW (313 hp). The second one is also all electric, but it has 4WD with a total power output of 430 kW (585 hp). As for the third option, it is PHEV with a 1.5-liter ICE for 102 kW (139 hp) and an electric motor for 160 kW (218 hp). Finally, the fourth version got the same petrol engine that works with two electric motors with a total power output of 390 kW (530 hp).  

Denza N8 interior

Now, Denza has shared some interior images of the N8. At first sight, it I obvious that it’s styling stays close to the Denza X. It has the same 15.6-inch touch screen, door cards and circular air vents that look close to the Mercedes-Benz logo. But there are some notable changes. First, the instrument panel screen became bigger. The steering wheel has also changed, now it has only two spokes. The center tunnel got a wireless charging pad and a crystal shaped monostable gear shifter. And there is no “Styled by Mercedes-Benz badge”, which is funny because Denza didn’t change the interior much.

We should also mention that the N8 has the acoustic system from Dynaudio, while the Denza N7 SUV will be available with the Devialet sound system.

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The main feature of the Denza N8 that the X hadn’t got is six seats. Previously, the X had only five and seven seats. But the N8 has two captain chairs in the second row. Its occupants also can enjoy an independent touch screen to adjust the interior temperature. And, if they have to work or eat during the drive, they have got a pair of folding tables. Worth mentioning that the N8 will be also available for purchase with five and seven seats. Its market debut will happen soon. More on the N8 as we get it.

Editor’s comment

In one of my previous articles, I’ve mentioned that Denza X wasn’t a successful vehicle at all, so it was discontinued. But now Denza can fall into the same trap. The thing is BYD already has the BYD Tang SUV and its sibling from the Ocean series, the BYD Frigate 07 (Corvette 07). The Frigate 07 is equipped with PHEV powertrain and its price range is 202,800 – 289,800 RMB (29,300 – 41,900 USD). So it is the cheapest vehicle in this lineup. As for the BYD Tang, its price range is 209,800 – 342,800 RMB (30,300 USD – 49,500 USD).

These vehicles are cannibalizing each other. For an example, the Tang’s sales in December were around 20,000. But in April, BYD sold 11,759 Tangs and 10,000 Frigate 07 models. So the sales number didn’t increase, but it split between these two vehicles. With the launching of the N8, the same problem can happen, so all of these cars will have relatively poor market results. It looks like the Denza N8’s top trim-level will be priced above 350,000 RMB (50,600 USD). This way, the N8 won’t technically become the direct competitor with the BYD Tang.

Basically, we see that BYD currently tries to invent its own Alfred Sloan’s system. We all know that his repositioning strategy was effective in early and mid 1900s. But the times have changed and this way of managing the business can appear to be inefficient.

Source: Denza, Denza Weibo

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