BYD Seal DM-i

Seal 07 DM-i exposed as the replacement for BYD Seal DM-i in China

DM-i 5.0 system is different in the new Seal 07 DM-i with a more powerful engine for top spec versions. New car is exposed by MIIT listing.

BYD Seal DM-i launched with 121 km and 200 km electric ranges, price starts at 22,800 USD

The Seal DM-i was previously called Destroyer 07 under BYD’s Ocean series, then was re-branded as Seal DM-i. It’s comprehensive range is as high as 1,305 km.

BYD Seal DM-i to enter market next week, starting price 24,400 USD

BYD Seal DM-i will officially enter market September 6th, the mid-size plug-in hybrid (PHEV) sedan will be offered for 24,400-34,000 USD.

BYD Seal DM-i sedan starts pre-sale for 24,300 USD in China

BYD launched a new Ocean series car based on its plug-in hybrid platform DM-i.

BYD Seal DM-i to hit pre-sales in China in August this year, starting at 25,100 USD

The BYD Seal DM-i will start pre-sales in August this year. Deliveries will also start soon with a starting price of 25,100 USD.

BYD Seal DM-i rolled off the production line in China

The BYD Seal DM-i PHEV sedan rolled off the production line in China with 200 km of electric range. Ready for the market launch.

BYD Seal DM-i interior unveiled in China with 15.6-inch screen and lots of space

The interior of the BYD Seal DM-i (A.K.A Destroyer 07 / Chaser 07) was unveiled in China. This PHEV sedan can run up to 200 km on a single charge.