chery eq7

Chery Shuxiangjia (eQ7) all-electric SUV launched, price starts at 19,700 USD

Chery Shuxiangjia offers two pure electric cruising ranges: 412 km and 512 km. Its top speed is 180 km/h.

Chery eQ7 market entry set for September 12, official name Shuxiangjia

Chery latest SUV to starte sales on September 12, official name is Shuxiangjia

Chery eQ7 EV SUV hit pre-sales in China with 512 km of range. Starts at 20,000 USD

The Chery eQ7 started pre-sales in China with 211 hp, 512-km range and a starting price of 20,000 USD. It will start sales soon.

Chery eQ7 all-electric SUV will start pre-sale on August 7 at 18,100 USD

Chery eQ7 sits on an all-aluminum platform, has a top speed of 180 km/h, and offers a 512 km pure electric cruising range.

Chery’s all-electric eQ7 SUV rolled off production line with 512 km range

Chery launched a naming campaign to give the eQ7 an official name, how would you name it?

All new Chery eQ7 electric SUV will roll off production line on July 12 in China

The Chery eQ7 sits on an all-aluminum body frame.

Chery eQ7 pure electric SUV official images revealed in China with a 155kW motor

According to Chery, the eQ7 will be built on its exclusive all-aluminum pure electric technology platform.

Chery eQ7 is a new pure electric SUV for China

Power will come from a motor that outputs 155kW and a lithium iron phosphate battery pack.