Jetour Traveller

Jetour Shanhai T2 plug-in hybrid SUV is rebadged Traveller C-DM

Shanhai T2 is positioned as a light off-road SUV. Its price starts at 25,500 USD.

Jetour JMK Traveller off-road SUV priced at 30,600 USD enters market in China

JMK - Jetour Makers Kingdom, is a new sub-brand under Jetour that focuses on custom-made vehicles.

Jetour JMK Traveller off-road vehicle will launch on January 28 in China

The JMK Traveller is designed based on the current Traveller compact off-road SUV. Power will come from a 2.0T engine.

Designed by former Porsche designer, Chery Jetour Traveller light off-road SUV launched in China

Price starts at 19,100 USD. Chery claims that the Jetour Traveller has an X driving mode that can intelligently switch to the preferred driving mode.

Chery Jetour Traveller light off-road SUV pre-sale starts at 19,300 USD in China

Another light off-road SUV on the market from Chery after the Tansuo 06

Chery’s Jetour Traveller off-road SUV will start pre-sale on August 24, price may start at 18,000 USD

Jetour Traveller's price range is expected to be 18,000 - 23,100 USD, available in ICE and PHEV powertrains.

Chery’s Jetour Traveller light off-road SUV spied in China, available in ICE and PHEV

Just like its name, Jetour Traveller targets consumers who travel, but not in extreme road conditions.

Jetour Traveller SUV Unveiled In China – And More Cars Are On The Way

Jetour Traveller launched in China. Combines coolness with four-wheel drive and turbocharged engines.

Official: Jetour Traveller Is The Coolest Chery Ever

Jetour Traveller brings off-road to the city.

Jetour T-1 New Spy Shots & A New Name

Jetour T-1 is now the Jetour Traveller. Still cool.