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Luxeed S7

Huawei, Chery developed EV Luxeed S7 official market entry in November

The electric coupe will be the first car in China to carry Huawei Harmony OS.

Chery and Huawei developed Luxeed S7 to start deliveries at Guangzhou Auto Show

Chery and Huawei developed electric sedan, Luxeed S7, will start taking small deposit orders next month, while the full deposit orders will start October. The EV is expected to enter stores on October 20th and start deliveries during Guangzhou Auto Show on November 17th.

Luxeed S7 EV sedan from Huawei and Chery has 496 hp and CATL’s battery

The Luxeed S7 has a CATL's ternary-LFP (NMC-LFP) battery, dual-motor 4WD for 496 hp and a body length over 5 meters.