Luxeed S7

From June Huawei Luxeed S7 will be able to autonomously park

Huawei backed Luxeed S7 should be able to park autonomously from June according to reports in China.

Everything we know about Huawei-backed ‘new’ Luxeed S7, the Xiaomi SU7 competitor

Today the 'new' Luxeed from Chery and Huawei launched bring big improvements to this electric sedan. We bring you all the details.

Luxeed S7 gains highly capable self-driving ability

The Luxeed S7 from Chery and Huawei gains Urban NCA a highly capable self-driving function which can drive on urban roads.

Huawei launched Luxeed S7 with 12.4 kWh/100 km consumption and self-parking

Luxeed S7 can charge 215 km in 5 minutes.

Luxeed S7 from Chery and Huawei hit pre-sales in China. Starts at 35,425 USD

The Luxeed S7 is a high-end sedan with 496 hp, up to 800 km of range, air suspension and a starting price of 34,425 USD.

Luxeed S7 from Huawei and Chery with CATL batteries will start pre-sale on November 9

Luxeed is a brand developed jointly by Huawei and Chery that stands for Luxury Speed.

Chery Luxeed S7 interior spy photo reveals a place for Huawei light field screen

The model will carry CATL's M3P battery, pack hat combines ternary and LFP cells.

Huawei, Chery developed EV Luxeed S7 official market entry in November

The electric coupe will be the first car in China to carry Huawei Harmony OS.

Chery and Huawei developed Luxeed S7 to start deliveries at Guangzhou Auto Show

Chery and Huawei developed electric sedan, Luxeed S7, will start taking small deposit orders next month, while the full deposit orders will start October. The EV is expected to enter stores on October 20th and start deliveries during Guangzhou Auto Show on November 17th.

Luxeed S7 EV sedan from Huawei and Chery has 496 hp and CATL’s battery

The Luxeed S7 has a CATL's ternary-LFP (NMC-LFP) battery, dual-motor 4WD for 496 hp and a body length over 5 meters.