M-Hero 917 from Dongfeng launched in China with 1,088 hp. Starts at 87,500 USD

M-Hero 917 launched in China with up to 1,088 hp, 1,032 km of CLTC range and a starting price of 87,500 USD.

Mengshi M-Hero 917 Exposed With Over 1000 HP And 505 KM Of Range

The M-Hero 917 is a fabolous SUV with over 1,000 hp that is ready to rival the upcoming Yangwang U8 from BYD.

Dongfeng Mengshi M-Terrain EV SUV Production Vehicle Exposed In China

The pure EV model will feature four motors with a combined output of more than 1,000 hp and 16,000 Nm torque.

Dongfeng Menshi M-Terrain SUV Spied On Chinese Roads. Interior Exposed

The Mengshi M-Terrain electric SUV from Dongfeng was spied in the wild in China. Let's take a look at this beast.

Dongfeng Mengshi (Warrior) Brand Unveiled With Two 1000-HP Beasts

Today, Dongfeng has officially launched a new off-road brand called Mengshi (Warrior). They have also unveiled two Mengshi concept cars called ‘M-Terrain’ and ‘M-Terrain...