Volkswagen ID.4 price cut to 20,100 USD in China

Previously, Volkswagen lowered the price of ID.3 in China to 16,500 USD. In the following two months, the sales of ID.3 in China increased by about 5 times.

Leapmotor to unveil its first overseas market model in Munich

Leapmotor posted a teaser saying its first model intended for the international market will make a debut on Monday at the Munich Auto Show.

New Xpeng G9 version spy photos exposed

The spy photos of the latest version of Xpeng's flagship SUV, G9, show the interior of the car. The photos show that overall layout...

VW Jetta to buy Leap Motor’s tech to enter Chinese EV segment: unnamed insider

VW Jetta might be buying Leap Motor's tech to enter Chinese economy EV segment.

Volkswagen bought XPeng G9 E/E architecture, meeting records show

XPeng will not be Tier 1 supplier of smart software, but will sell the E/E architecture, smart software and hardware solution packages to V

China EV Daily (July 27): More on Xpeng and Volkswagen partnership, Audi e-Tron GT launches, DJI unveils ‘Chengxing’, Li Auto addresses trademark rumors

More on Xpeng-Volkswagen, Audi e-Tron GT hits China market, DJI reveals 'Chengxing' intelligent drive system, Li Auto clarifies on 'Ideal' trademark issue.

China EV Daily (July 26): Volkswagen’s stake in Xpeng, Denza’s new EV model, and AITO M5’s official pricing

Volkswagen invests $700m in Xpeng, Denza launches a new EV, and AITO reveals M5 standard version prices.

Volkswagen invested 700 million USD in Xpeng and obtained 4.99% equity

After the completion of this investment, Volkswagen will hold 4.99% equity in Xpeng and join the board of directors.

Volkswagen ID. Series 2023 H1 sold 48,147 units in China, down 19% YoY.

In early July, Volkswagen lowered the price of ID.3 in China to 16,800 USD to cope with the sales decline.

Herbert Diess met with CATL founder Robin Zeng in China

They first met 12 years ago when Diess was workign at BMW and searching for EV batteries producers.