Suzuki Alto 0.8 turbo Convertible from China

Published on May 31, 2012 by Tycho de Feijter

Suzuki Alto 0.8 turbo Convertible

Here wee have a very fine sporty car, seen in the great city of Wenzhou in Zhejiang Province. This is a mighty Suzuki Alto 0.8 turbo Convertible. It is based on the Chang’an-Suzuki Alto (second generation, CA71) that was made in China from 1988 until 2008.

Suzuki Alto 0.8 turbo Convertible

The owner of this fantastic car took the roof off, painted the wheels yellow, painted the body in all kinda colors, installed some spoiler-like thing at the back and screwed a turbo on the tiny 0.8 liter 3-cylinder. Good work! Sadly we don’t know how much extra power the turbo generates, the standard  0.8 poops out 40hp. The Alto was, and still is, extremely popular in China for customizing. A second hand old Alto goes for less than 200 USD and parts are very cheap, see this earlier article for some the best customized Alto’s.

Suzuki Alto 0.8 turbo Convertible

Very fancy indeed. But the idea isn’t exactly new. It was once done officially, by police in the great city of Chengdu, and it that same city also lives a burning red open Alto. The Alto by la way is still in production in China,now made by Jiangnan Auto, which somehow managed to get a license from Suzuki a long time ago.

Via: Weibo.

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