Rolls-Royce Ghost has a License in China

Rolls-Royce Ghost has a License in China

S very black Rolls-Royce Ghost, Spotted in China in front of an expensive hotel in east Beijing. The license plate reads RR951, and that is one of the best license plates we have seen on a Rolls-Royce Ghost in China. The Roller was well-protected by two yellow-black traffic cones, so plebs won’t come to close.

The better don’t because the Ghost is an expensive car! Price starts at 4.19 million yuan or 685.000 USD. No matter that; China is buying shiploads of the things. Time now, for our Famous China-Rolls-Royce Ghost Collection®: crash, Canton Glory, Royal Horse, Art Deco, lucky, kareoke, bit blingcake, dual tone, Six Senses, crash, crash, crash, crash, EWB and a special China Edition.

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