Gray BMW Z4 has a License in China

BMW Z4 has a License in China

A very racy BMW Z4 sporty car, Spotted in China on a parking lot just outside the Third Ring Road in east Beijing. The badass Bimmer looks the business with two exhaust pipes, large wheels, multispoke alloys and stealthy gray paint. But the best is the license plate reading 311Z4, and that is one of the best license plates we have seen on a BMW Z4 in China so far.

The BMW Z4 is reasonably popular but many think it is a bit too soft, and there isn’t any M in a hotly contested market where speed matters a lot. Price starts at 583.000 yuan and ends at 909.000 yuan. Time now, for our Famous China-BMW Z4 Collection™: shiny red, matte Pink, license (004Z4), matte pink red, matte brown, very Pink, zebra, matte urple with yellowleopard, pink with babe on bonnet, matte black & pinkmatte-lime green, matte black, gray&matte blackbling, crystals & police, pink & babe, lime green & matte black.

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