Spotted in China: Volkswagen Beetle in matte Pink

Spotted in China: Volkswagen Beetle in matte Pink

A very flashy Volkswagen Beetle, Spotted in China in a street right in front of my home in Beijing. This was an easy spot indeed, and I could even have done it from my balcony. The good Beetle is wrapped in a super hip matte Pink wrap, and further beatled up by cartoon wraps on the door sills, darkened windows, matte black mirrors, matte black Volkswagen logo’s, and matte black 6-spoke alloys.


The wrap is of high quality and neatly extends over the bumpers and door handles. The owner of the vehicle is a smoking hot babe about 25 years old. I have seen her many times running to her little car on early mornings when I am drinking my first cup of coffee. I bet her name is Mimo. Sometimes she is with a big angry man, who looks like someone who gives his girlfriend a Pink Beetle. P*ss*! Time now to move on to our Famous China Beetle Collection™: Pink inside, low rider, Pink, Leopardmatte pink, Minnie Mouse, pink, and Lucky Star.

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