Spotted in China: a License Plate Collection

Spotted in China: a License Plate Collection

We see so many cars with fuzzy license plates in China that we could start a separate website. Sadly & badly we do not have enough time for that, so today we show you Part 1 of our giant China License Plate Collection™ with a dozen+ of interesting cars. Special thanks to Master Spotter Chiprdan, who keeps an eagle eye on the license plate situation in Shanghai. Starting with a Kia K3 with a license plate reading Q·3K313, Spotted in China near the Liangmahe river in Beijing..


A Chiprdan original, a Mercedes-Benz B200 with a license reading B·200G0.


A black BMW X6 with N·940X6, seen in Dongba in Beijing, and here is nice Pinky.


A fatassed BMW X5, seen only a few meters away from the black X6, reading N·X5L95.


An Audi A8L, seen near the Sanlitun embassy area, with N·464A8.


Another A8L, seen on the entrance to the Fifth Ring Road, with a license reading A·81658.


Chiprdan again, on the Elevated Highway in Shanghai. An Audi A4L with A·4L868.


More Chiprdan with another A4L, reading A·4L836.


Staying with Chiprdan, an A8L with A·800V0.


It never ends indeed, the A8L is popular for a license in China. Chiprdan saw A·8LW15.


Seen in heavy rain on the Jinbao Street in central Beijing, a BMW X5 with N·X5057.


Chiprdan on a visit to the capital. A BMW X6 with N·X6R00.


An Audi R8 sportmachine with N·8R871. See more licensed Audi R8 right here.


An MG3, seen on the same lane as the Kia K3, reading N·6MG11.


A white whale Audi Q7 seen in Sanlitun, reading N·Q7448.


Dongba again. A Volkswagen Bora reading M·68888. Likely a fake this one, but I kinda like it. Six and eight are both very lucky numbers in China.


An Audi Q5 with N·Q5M87.


A BMW X3 with N·X3A60, seen on a green green lane in far east Beijing.


A wondrous white BMW Z4 sporty car, with a a license reading N·665Z4.

More licenses coming soon later!

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