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Audi R8 supercars have Licenses in China

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A beautiful black Audi R8 supercarSpotted in China at the Solana shopping mall in east Beijing. The good Audi has been sexed up slightly with extra large gray five-double spoke alloys. But even better than that is the license plate reading A·R8R82, and that is by far the best license plate we have seen on an Audi R8 in China.


The vehicle was covered by a thick layer of Beijing dust. The 4.2 liter V8 has an output of 430hp and 530nm, good for a 302km/h top speed and a 0-100 in 4.6 seconds. Speedy black Audi!


Things got even better just ten minutes later on that very same day when I met yet another Audi R8. White with black mirrors and black alloys, partly covered by a dysfunctional Pink protective cover. But even better than that is the license plate reading N·8R871, and that is one of the best license plates we have seen on an Audi R8 in China.


This is the big boy powered by the mighty 5.2 liter V10 with 525hp and 530nm, good for a 316km/h top speed and a 0-100 in 3.7 seconds. Speedy white Audi!


Building morphs into V10 engine.

The Audi R8 is a mighty popular sporty car in China. Price starts at 1.82 million yuan for the V8 and 2.35 million for the V10. Oddly, the V8 is very rare and the V10 very common. Most Chinese supercar buyers go for the fastest and most expensive, without even looking at the cheaper stuff…

Time now  for our Famous China-Audi R8 Collection™: China Edition, license (640R8), shiny silver, gold GT, matte black & orange, Pink, license (023R8), black alloys, bit of Bling, spyder in Gold, Audi TT, lime green, broken, Bling, China Edition, hits taxi, matte black, ABT Lambo-doors, another matte-blackhits mail truck, Limited Edition, in blue and in matte army-green.

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