Zero sold cars and 99.99% drop in value: U.S. dealer of Skyworth EV6 struggle with credibility

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Imperium Motors Company (IMC) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of DSG Global (DSGT), a penny stock public company listed in 2015. As we reported this month, IMC plans to launch a rebadged Skyworth EV6 in North America, making Skyworth the first Chinese EV startup to expand on the U.S. market, leaving Nio, Xpeng, or Li Auto behind.

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However, things might not be so bright for Skyworth U.S. expansion plans as many Skyworth fans share concerns about their US partner. Recently the censorship of unhappy investors, issues with false promotion campaigns, and no experience in car sales spark questions about the company’s credibility.

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After DSG Global pink sheet OTC listing in 2015, they reached an $11 800 per share valuation. Since then, the stock kept falling up to today’s value of $0.17 per share. That is a loss of more than 99.99% and 100 000 times decrease in company value.

Reverse split

You might think $11 800 per share for penny stock is a lot. It is because of the reverse split the company conducted in 2019. The listing price in 2015 was actually $3. However, it kept falling, and six months later, in January 2016, it was only $1. On 26th March 2019 company proceed to reverse split 1:4000.

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What is reverse split? Maybe you remember the Tesla 1:5  split a year ago. That means for each share, you receive 5 new shares. So if Tesla’s price were $2000 per share, the price after the split would be $400.

The reverse split is the opposite. If you do resplit 1:4000, it means that for every 4000 shares, you receive 1 new. So if the share price were $1, the new price would be $4000 per share. It means that if the price per share would be $0.001 after the reverse split, the price per share is $4. It also means that after the resplit recount, the listing price was $12 000.

Moreover, the company kept diluting and emitting more new shares continuously.

Number of the shares timeline

The resplit didn’t help for long as 10th August 2020 GSMT was trading again for 0.017$. I think the reason for 2019 resplit was to stay over $1 per share, which is a NASDAQ limit. By the beginning of 2021, something happened, and the share price jumped 76x from $0.017 to $1.36. It was the time when DSGT started publishing many press releases about going into EV sales, claiming “the future is electric,” and many other slogans connecting them with EV stocks hype. Then the stock fell again. Investors call it to pump and dump.

Pump & Dump

Disputable promotional activities

In March 2020, OTC-QB raised some concerns about certain promotional activities connected with DSGT and requested DSGT’s response on this issue. These problematic activities contained emails from two offshore email addresses highlining subject lines as “Penny Stock (DSGT) is Flying Up Today” and “DSGT Immense liquidity, so order stocks to make a yield,” encouraging readers to invest in DSGT stock. The company denied any involvement in these activities.

No experience with cars

Today DSGT can be seen as a huge EV fan based on its press releases and presentations. However, it is not originally an EV company. Actually, it is hard to tell what company it originally is. According to their IPO documents and press releases, they did many things that were trending. They were a SaaS (software-as-a-service) technology company, selling GPS, golf carts, bikes, and even film production company.

Industry-leading Infinity XL display by DSGT. Source: S1 IPO

IPO document:

We have been issued a going concern opinion by our auditors and rely upon the sale of our securities to fund operations. To date we have been unable to raise sufficient capital to finance the production of any film or television production and, consequently, our management has sought alternative strategies, such as business combinations or acquisitions, to create value for our shareholders.
The numbers might look good at first sight – DSGT bought goods for $484 thousand and sold them for $900 thousand. Then you look at Sales & General Administration cost – $5.5 million.
Deleting investors posts on social media
Our redaction reached the IMC and DSGT by email and social networks with a set of questions focusing on the rebadged Skyworth EV6 –  Imperium ET5. The main interest was when the homologation of Imperium ET5 will be finished and how many reservations they already have. Until publishing this article, IMC didn’t respond; however, when CNC posted the questions to their social media channel, IMC quickly deleted them. Later CNC redaction was contacted by two early DSGT investors who wished to remain anonymous. They claimed IMC censors their posts on its social platforms, however, CNC couldn’t verify these claims.

DSG Global
According to the IMC website, Robert ”Bob” Silzer is DSG Global CEO and N1 in Imperium Motors management team.

Anyway, if Skyworth U.S. expansion won’t work, Europeans might get lucky. As Stephan pointed out, Skyworth EV6 will also be sold in Germany as rebranded Elaris Beo. It seems like Skyworth is trying to escape the Chinese EV market with over 600 EV startups and hyper tough competition to less crowded western markets. We will keep an eye on that.

Source: Yahoo Finance, DSG Global S1 IPO,, IMC

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  1. Hi,this article is child’s work.talking about past,and not correct 80%.your math is dumb,and whole article misleading,biased crap.i have no doubt it’s been done on purpose to mislead.

    • Hi Arthur, which part is wrong according to you? Also, which math is not correct? Actually, there is not much math, only data from stock exchanges and Imperium Motors prospectus.

      • why you bring 2015 here? who fricken quotes almost decade old info.? idiots only! why you say can’t sell cars,when in fact cars not ready yet to be sold?homologation is ongoing,again,someone paid to post this nonsense.just drop the pen,you horrible,biased,or just uninformed.

        • Because for an overall picture, it is good to know company history and if since 2015 the company value decreased 100 thousand times, I think it is good to mention it.

  2. drop the pen,you have no clue about markets or investing,or setting up a new business.have no experience in cars?what kind of dumb quote is this?what to know about cars?Rick has twice your age experience in cars! you must be someone who posts on some boards,that’s the experience you have. Don’t reply because you sound dumb and dumber

    • Actually, I’m an investor for 10 years with experience of starting and exiting my own company. Anyway seems you have a strong affiliation with Imperium Motors, wish you luck with the import, Skyworth EV6 is not a bad car.

  3. and i wish you have substance in articles you write, bull/bear doesn’t matter,facts are. this one is d-,saying nothing but biased opinion. one has to be completely out of knowledge on topic,to write this.

  4. This is a hit piece. Why no mention that no breach of contract has yet occurred? Why not mention the success of the golf products? Why not mention the experience center? Why not mention the partners they already signed up? Why not mention that the company was never in a state to carry out the various reworks to make the car legal in the usa? But, they have been building towards that and company expects to meet the contract requirements. Why no mention of this? I am not saying everything is great with the company but your article is so unprofessional that it isn’t journalism. SHAME
    ON YOU!

    • As a follow up – why don’t you go and ask Skyworth why they picked DSGT as their partner? If they picked the wrong partner, Skyworth should get most of the blame. Anyway, given the bias of your article, most of the public won’t learn anything as they will stop reading after a couple of paragraphs. Doing a hit piece while hiding behind Journalism is disgraceful. Your website will never be successful. Finally, you are not a journalist nor even a blogger. SHAME ON YOU!

  5. Correct your definition of a reverse split – you did the math as a reverse split but gave the definition of a forward split – this is just embarassing.

  6. Please explain the illogical conclusion of the very first paragraph. I assume rebadged means rebranding. How does a rebranding of a vehicle with no sales mean the company is expanding in north america and is the firs to do so? This is just silly and written with no thought process whatsoever. EMBARASSING!

  7. Stop stating that new shares are received via a reverse split. There are no new shares issued. Stop making the most basic mistakes of a definition. EMBARASSING!

  8. Please explain the logic of the paragraph where you indicate that because the company was not a car company in the past, this means it has not car experience. For a startup car company, what is needed to have car experience? In addition, did you ask Skyworth, why they chose DSGT, as their startup operation in the USA? Did Tesla have car experience prior to being a car company? Please provide a listing of USA companies that now sell Electric Vehicles which was a car company in the past?

  9. Why do you say that they were a company that sells, gps services, ebikes, golf carts? They do sell those products today. Their golfing products are very very very very very good. Did you ever use any of them? If you did, you would not be so condescending with the false information you provide in your article. The golf products sell very very well. Did you even research how much revenue the company has from these products? Do you understand the technology behind the golf products? EMBARASSING that you write that the company was but it reality it is.

  10. Please provide commentary to the journalistic standards that you have when you can not confirm that the company is deleting posts but yet mention this throughout your article? Furthermore, what does deleting posts have to do with selling electronic cars? Do you think false information should not be deleted? Your article has so many errors in it, it is embarassing and may be considered libel. Just because you post false information on a company doesn’t mean the company needs to put up with it. Do you agree or not agree that a company has the right to defend itself against false information posted about it?

  11. Please explain what the first sentence in your last paragraph is trying to say. It is perhaps the silliest sentence in an article that is completely silly. To start off your final paragraph with “anyway” proves just how irrelevant this article is. It also shows how irrelevant you are as a writer. EMBARASSING!!!

  12. Can skyworth expand in the USA as of today without DSGT? If your answer is no, which is the only answer, than stating that skyworth is expanding in the USA, must be a big boost of confidence in DSGT. Your whole point is just plain ole dumb – no other way of describing it. Just DUMB!!

  13. Do you believe that the owner of a social platform has the right to decide what is posted and what is not posted? If not, why do you think that the owner of a social platform has no say in what his/her platform has to say? By not being able to control what is posted on my social platform means that I am not the owner of anything. Who are you to say what someones social platform should or should not include?

  14. Please provide commentary. You stated that DSGT was not a car company in the past thus has no car experience and concluded that DSGT should not be in the car business ( paraphrasing ). Does that also pertain to you? You didn’t start out as a journalist on just cars, you actually had a lot of failing businesses. A lot of failing businesses. It is hard to determine what you actually do. You have no education in journalism and have never worked as a journalist. Making yourself chief editor on a website which you own – is just silly. So take your own advice and stop writing silly false articles. You are a nobody and will always be one. A loser that needs to write false information to try and get attention. You have my attention! See you around.

  15. Looks like you attracted a lot of angry (potentially working with Imperium) commenters, however I appreciate your journalism here. This company is a scam. I had high hopes for Imperium but I guess it was too good to be true.

  16. The article worked for me. DSG needs to sell 1 certified car. Sandy gave them a boost. Can they make the best out of it? The low speed vehicles performance is just too low for the states. I don’t think the low speed vehicles will go far… but the SEV could be different. I’m not sure what goes in to certifying a car for the US market.

  17. The U.S. landscape is littered with the carcasses of passionate, but failed China car import wannabes…, going back decades.
    Let’s not hold our breath.


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