Wey Lanshan DHT-PHEV interior unveiled in China with a huge screen

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Wey Lanshan is the upcoming flagship SUV of the high-end brand under Great Wall Motor. Today, its interior was unveiled in China with six seats, minimalistic design, and a huge screen. Let’s get to know the Lanshan better together.

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Some basics about Wey Lanshan

Initially, the Wey Lanshan was exposed last year under the name ‘Wey 80’. Back in the days, its exterior design got quite a lot of negative receptions, so Wey seemingly revised it. They have also replaced a questionable ‘80’ name with ‘Lanshan’ (蓝山) which means ‘Blue Mountain’. We will remind you that blue is considered as the eco-friendly color in China.

The exact size of the Wey Lanshan is 5156/1980/1805 mm with a wheelbase f 3050 mm. As for the powertrain, the Lanshan is PHEV. It has a 1.5-liter turbocharged engine and an electric motor with a combined power output of 410 hp and 700 Nm. So the Lanshan will be able to speed up from 0 to 100 km/h in just 4.9 seconds. It has also got a 44.5-kWh ternary (NMC) battery on board. It means the Lanshan can run up to 175 km with the ICE off. As for the missed range, it is over 1,200 km.

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Wey Lanshan’s official interior image

Previously, the Wey Lanshan’s interior was exposed in spy shots. But now, we have received a much more detailed image. We will crack on with the main feature of the Lanshan. Of course, it is the huge block of screens that crosses the center console. It consists of two separated monitors. The first is the instrument panel. As for the second, it is an enormous touch screen. Its left part is for the driver, and right for the front passenger. Usually, automakers make two independent screens here. But Wey decided to make things different.

Let’s point out some other features of the main screen. It shows us that the Lanshan will have seven driving modes, including Standard, Eco, Sport, 4WD, Snow, Mud and Sand. It will also have three powertrain modes: EV, EV priority, Hybrid.

Under the main screen, we can see a block of physical buttons for the climate control system. As for the center tunnel, it has got a wireless charging pad, a hidden compartment, and hidden cup holders. Moreover, the center tunnel sits on the same level as the armrest. The steering wheel of the Lanshan has three spokes and a circular shape. The gear shifter sits behind the steering wheel. This design feature gets viral among many Chinese automakers. We can also mention an HUD and the Face ID sensor.

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Wey Lanshan’s rivals

The Wey Lanshan is a full-size 6-seat SUV. And we can’t ignore how did Wey actually describe it. In their official Weibo media, they have called it “超大大大大大大的大六座SUV”. It literally translates as “super big big big big big big big 6-seat SUV”. Yes, they’ve just used seven words ‘big’ to underline how big the Lanshan is. Anyway, if we will remove all the bravado, in terms of size, the Lanshan sits close to Li Auto L8 and AITO M7. It seems like these two vehicles will become the Lanshan’s main competitors. It will hit the Chinese market this year, so we will keep an eye on it.

Source: Wey Weibo, Wey

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