Denza N7 is the auto parking champion, beating Xpeng and Huawei cars

Denza N7 wins an auto parking test against cars from Xpeng, Aito, Avatr and IM and is the only one to successfully manage every test.

“Drive a car for 60 days and it turns old,” unhappy Aito M7 owners put up banners at dealership

Aito M7 owners' principal complaints are a long delivery period, poor after-sales service, and a short period between car facelifts.

Aito M7 Ultra enters market starting at 40,000 USD

The Aito M7 Ultra has upgraded its appearance and configurations, providing a 1,300 km comprehensive range.

New Aito M7 MAX refreshed version starts pre-sale at 41,200 USD in China

Both five-seater and six-seater layouts are offered in two-wheel drive and four-wheel drives.

Aito, supported by Huawei, delivered 32,973 units, up 6.3 times YoY

AITO, with Huawei's support, achieved a record-breaking month, highlighting innovation in smart mobility and autonomous driving technology.

Huawei Aito launched the first batch of “Map free NCA” in all cities in China

Huawei Aito's latest update introduces advanced autonomous driving features, including the innovative "Map-Free NCA," enhancing urban driving in 338 Chinese cities without reliance on high-precision maps.

Huawei-Seres JV’s new Aito M7 received more than 130,000 firm orders four months after launch

Available in 5- and 6-seater layouts and up to 1,300 km comprehensive cruising range, the new Aito M7's price starts at 34,200 USD.

Huawei-Seres Aito M7 new version gets over 80,000 orders in 50 days of sales

The new version of Huawei and Seres made Aito M7 SUV received over 80,000 orders since the market entry on September 12.

New Huawei-Seres Aito M7 version refreshed promo cuts perks by 400 USD

The new version of the full size SUV is 5,500 USD cheaper than the older one.

Huawei-Seres JV’s new AITO M7 SUV received more than 40,000 orders 23 days after launch, has 1,300 km range

Mr. Yu Chengdong (Richard Yu), Executive Director at Huawei, claimed that the JV had invested more than 500 million yuan (69.4 million USD) on the new AITO M7, and the new car is expected to generate more than 30% of AITO's 2023 sales.