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Huawei’s AITO M7 EREV SUV Crash-Tested In China

The Huawei's AITO M7 was crash-rested in China, revealing some structural and crashworthiness problems. Let's sort it out together.

AITO M7 EREV SUV sells 20,000 Units In 4 Hours In China

The AITO M7 EREV (range-extender) SUV has become an incredible success, with 20,000 units pre-sold in 4 hours. It seems like a clean exterior,...

AITO M7 Launched In China With 449 hp And Starting Price Of 47,780 USD

The AITO M7 was launched today in China. It is a full-size EREV (range extender) SUV with six seats. Its top trim level has two electric...

AITO M7, Geometry E With Swappable Batteries, Mini Countryman Clone, And More EVs on the April MIIT catalog

In China, the central government has to approve every new car before an automaker can launch it on the market. The approved vehicles are...