Hongqi QM7 is a luxurious bus with 23 seats and a V6 under the hood

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The QM7 is a luxury bus from the Chinese iconic brand Hongqi under the FAW Group. First, it was exposed by the Chinese MIIT in February this year. And now, we have received new spy photos of the Hongqi QM7, including the interior. Let’s get to know this insane bus better.

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As my colleague Tycho reported earlier, Hongqi was involved in the bus business before. In the 1980s they manufactured the Hongqi CA630 luxury bus with 19 seats and a 4.5-liter V8 for 165 horses. Hongqi produced this bus for consecutive 7 years. But 30 years later, they haven’t launched the production of other bus models. But they developed some prototypes. And now, Hongqi is finally ready to resurrect its bus business in China with the QM7.

Hongqi QM7 spy shots and information

First, let’s start with the exterior design of the QM7. And this vehicle looks odd for sure. Let’s start from the front, where the huge chrome-plated grille sits. Hongqi prefers to call it ‘spectacular waterfall’. Maybe it is spectacular, but at the front end of the bus, it just looks questionable. Above the grille, we can see a pair of thin running lights and a Hongqi inscription in the Chinese language (红旗). In the lower part of the front bumper we can see more chrome trim and two blocks of headlights. It is also a questionable decision, since they are located too low. Probably, they will be dirty all the time during the poor weather.

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Another quirky thing of the QM7 is a left side-view mirror that sits right under the windshield and looks like an aftermarket. Anyway, this is what Hongqi decided to make. From the side, we can see more chrome trim, the Hongqi badge on the rear pillar and a short wheelbase. At this point, let’s talk about the Hongqi QM7’s dimensions. They are 7295/2090/2785 mm with a wheelbase of 3990 mm. So, the wheelbase looks a bit small for its length. And from the back, we can notice vertical-shaped taillights, rear parking sensors and a rear view camera.

Before we get to the Hongqi QM7’s interior, we want to remind you that the QM7 is powered by the 3-liter turbocharged petrol-powered V6 called CA6GV30TD-04. Its power output reaches 223 kW (303 hp). As for the fuel consumption, it is 15.9 L/100km.

Hongqi QM7 interior shots

Now, let’s get inside the Hongqi QM7. And, as we may notice, it is a test car, so its interior is unfinished. It hasn’t got some plastic covers and sun visors, but there are visible wires all around the cabin. Anyway, we can point out a big leather driver’s seat with an armrest. The steering wheel is round, it has two spokes and a Hongqi inscription on it. Behind the steering, there is a digital instrument panel. The gear shifter is monostable. And there are two cup holders.

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If we look further inside the interior of the QM7, we will be able to see huge leather seats with integrated headrests and safety belts. These seats look close to the Hongqi HQ9 MPV’s captain chairs. They also have armrests and decent side support. So, the seats look comfy and high-end. Moreover, we can notice that there is a lot of space between rows of seats, so all the passengers will have enough leg room.

As we can see, the Hongqi QM7 is still unfinished. It has some questionable styling decision, but it is still impressive. After the production launch, it will be probably used only by the central and local governments, state-owned companies and high-end tourism companies.

Source: Weibo, Sohu, Dongchedi

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