Neta S

Neta S EV wagon exposed in China

Neta S Hunting EV wagon exposed in government ministry listing information. EV and EREV versions nearly ready for sales.

Neta S not just a wagon but a whole new platform

Neta S Hunting EV wagon spy shots and video. We now know more about this new car and the Shanhai 2.0 platform.

Neta displays two models in the UAE as it accelerates overseas expansion

Neta displayed Neta S and Neta GT models around the Formula 1 Gran Prix racetrack in the UAE, right after entry to Latin America.

Chinese EV maker Hozon Neta plans three new models by 2025

The next two models are revamped Neta U that should start sales this year and EP32 that was recently spotted doing road tests.

2022 Neta S discounted by 6,800 USD in China. 456 HP sedan with 91 kWh NMC battery now costs 33,000 USD

It is a 4WD. The NMC (ternary) battery is good for 615 km range. It can do 0-100 km/h acceleration in 3.9 seconds.

New Neta S electric sedan has 1,075 km cruising range with CATL’s Qilin battery

Its coefficient of drag is as low as 0.216Cd.

Hozon’s Neta S EREV version price dropped 11% to 26,150 USD

The Hozon's Neta S' cost dropped 11%. Will the starting price of 26,150 USD enhance its sales or it's too late?

Neta S Lauched in China, Starts at $29,600

The Neta S was first unveiled to the automotive world at the Shanghai Auto Show in 2021 in concept form. Since then, it has...

Neta S Is A New Chinese Electric Sedan Set To Fight The Tesla Model 3

We got another Tesla killer from China for you. This is the final standard-production version of the new Neta S, a Chinese electric sedan...

Neta S Yaoshi Launched In China With 462HP And 650KM Range For 51,000 USD

The Neta S is the first sporty NEV sedan from Hozon Auto. Its special edition called 'Yaoshi' with scissors doors was launched today with...