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Changan Qiyuan E07 is a new all-electric SUV for China

The E07 is based on the CD701 concept car, which can realize dual-mode switching between an SUV and a pickup truck.

Changan Qiyuan Q05 plug-in hybrid SUV pre-sale starts at 17,800 USD, available in 1,150 km and 1,215 km ranges

Qiyuan Q05 is available in 1,150 km and 1,215 km comprehensive ranges.

Changan Qiyuan Q05 plug-in hybrid SUV official images unveiled in China, has 1,215 km range

Qiyuan Q05 will be available in 1,150 km and 1,215 km comprehensive ranges.

Changan Qiyuan A06 is a new plug-in hybrid sedan with 1,160 km range

Its 0 - 100 km/h acceleration time is 6.9 seconds, and the comprehensive range is 1,160 km.

Changan Qiyuan Q05 hit stores in China. Changan CS55 Plus’ clone

The Changan Qiyuan Q05 is a compact SUV that stands on the Changan CS55 Plus. It is ready for the market launch.

Changan Qiyuan A05 plug-in hybrid sedan launched, price starts at 12,300 USD

The comprehensive cruising range is as high as 1,300 km.

Changan Qiyuan A05 PHEV sedan arrived at dealers in China

The powertrain consists of a 1.5L plug-in hybrid system along with two battery pack options: lithium iron phosphate and ternary lithium. A pure electric version will also be available in the future.

Changan Qiyuan A07 got over 10,000 orders after the launch

The mid-size liftback with BEV and EREV powertrain options with a lifetime warranty is available for 21,700 USD in China.

Changan Qiyuan A07 all-electric sedan hits market with 1,200 km range, price starts at 21,300 USD

The cockpit offers a "five-sense immersion space" consisting of four modes: rest (nap + meditation + mind-wandering), movie, singing, and refreshment. For example, the nap scenario helps users fall asleep while the meditation scenario helps users release stress.

China EV Daily (Sep 26): Changan Qiyuan and Baojun roll out new models, CATL clarifies Ford collaboration

Also, BYD launches the new entry-level Song Pro DM-i Championship Edition.