Geely Panda Mini EV

Geely offers 1,400 USD discount and other perks on its electric city car, Panda Mini

Geely's answer to SGMW Hongguang MINI EV cut prices by 1,400 USD as part of National Day marketing campaign.

Geely Panda mini Launched On The Chinese Car Market For $5,880 USD

Electric mini cars are best when pink.

The Geely Panda mini EV opened for pre-sale and will launch on February 6

Price starts at $5,900 and it has a DC fast charging with a range of 200 km.

Geely Panda Mini EV Interior And Specs Unveiled

The Geely Panda mini is a city car with a cute interior and a DC-charging port.

Geely unveils Panda Mini EV, Launch in 2023 for $5,700

Another day, another Mini EV entering Chinese market