The updated SAIC VW ID.3 and ID.4 hits the Chinese market

While largely similar to its predecessors, the updated model showcases subtle exterior changes, including a closed front grille, a new style of LED headlights, and a more sporty, aerodynamic profile.

The sales of VW ID.3 in China increased by more than 3 times than last month after the price cut to 16,600 USD

After a 16% price cut, the monthly sales of the Volkswagen ID.3 in China broke the historical record for the model.

Volkswagen ID. Series 2023 H1 sold 48,147 units in China, down 19% YoY.

In early July, Volkswagen lowered the price of ID.3 in China to 16,800 USD to cope with the sales decline.

VW ID.3 slashed price by 16% in China, currently starting at 16,600 USD

Volkswagen's EV share in China market is now below 3% due to competition from rivals like BYD, Tesla and Aion.

Volkswagen sold 16,611 EVs in China in Q1 2023, down 38% compared to Q1 2022

In terms of sales by model, ID.3 sold 5,767 units, ID.4 sold 8,950 units, ID.6 sold 2,894 units in Q1 2023.

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