Baojun KiWi Off-Road Tiny EV Spied In China Once Again

Baojun KiWi cute off-roader spied in China, revealing interior.

Wuling Bingo Electric Hatchback Spied In The Wild In China

The Wuling Bingo was spied in China. Is it a new Wuling's bestseller?

Wuling Air ev Specs Unveiled In China With 300 km Of Range

The Wuling Air ev specs unveiled in China with 300 km of range, a 50-kW electric motor, and loads of tech inside. Let's sort it out.

Wuling Sells An EV Truck With A Center Driver’s Seat In China Now

New delivery truck packs 27 hp and goes 115 km on a charge.

Top 10 Best Selling Car Makers In China, August 2022

The top ten automakers in China by retail sales in August were BYD, FAW-Volkswagen, SAIC Volkswagen, SAIC-GM, Changan, Geely, Dongfeng Nissan, GAC Toyota, FAW-Toyota, and...

Wuling Xingchen HEV Arrived At Dealers In China, Price Starts At 13,300 USD

The Wuling Xingchen HEV recently arrived at dealers in China, it will launch on the Chinese car market later this month with the price starting at...

New Buick GL8 Launched in China With A $34,000-$78,500 Price Range

The Buick branch of SAIC-GM has announced the launch of its updated Buick GL8. The update and launch cuts across the GL8 family including...

Wuling Xingchen HEV Starts At 13,300 USD In China

The Wuling Xingchen HEV will launch on the Chinese car market in mid-August with the price starting at around 90,000 RMB (13,300 USD), according...