Tank 300

Great Wall Motors’ Tank 300 PHEV with 105 km pure electric range spied in China

Its fuel consumption is as low as 9.5L/100km.

Tank 300 Cyber Knight is a Tough-Looking Chinese SUV for City Roads

Limited to 7,000 copies, the Cyber Knight is the latest special edition model based on the Tank 300.

Great Wall Motors Tank 300 SUV To Launch In Iraq In The Near Future

Tank 300 was unveiled at the 46th Baghdad International Fair in Iraq earlier this month.

Tank x Buxus Electric Bike Pre-Sale Starts At 2,070 USD In China

This is the Tank x Buxus collab electric bicycle. Pre-sale starts at 15,000 RMB (2,070 USD). Only 300 units are available. In recent years,...

Great Wall Motors Tank 300 Off-Road Edition Launched In Saudi Arabia

On July 3, the Tank brand under Great Wall Motors (GWM) made its overseas debut in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia. In this...

Tank 300 Frontier Edition Is A Tough Cookie For Going Up Mountain In China

Chinese car makers love nothing more than launching a trillion special editions and variants of a single motor vehicle. A fine example is the...

Cybertank 300 ​​Is A Batshit Crazy $47.000 Chinese SUV With 227 HP

Yes it is real. This is the production version of the Cybertank 300. The batshit crazy car debuted in concept form on the Shanghai...

Great Wall Launches A Tank For The Ladies – In Pink

When Great Wall launched the WEY Tank, and subsequently the separate Tank brand, it was all about roughness and off-roading . The brand was...