Ferrari 599 GTO is white with a bit of Shiny Red in China

Ferrari 599 GTO is white with a bit of Shiny Red in China

An extremely speedy Ferrari 599 GTO, seen near the Shanghai F1 circuit by reader LL, thank you for the pictures! The GTO is painted in white and further sexed up by a shiny red racing stripe, shiny red mirrors, some shiny red stickers, huge 21 inch wheels, racy tires, and matte gray alloys.


For those who don’t know; this is ‘a 599GTO’, from California no less. The owner of this great vehicle is a member of the SSCC, which stands for Shanghai Super Cars Club. The GTO is powered by a extremely mad 6.0 V12 with 670hp and 620nm, top speed is 325km/h and 0-100 is gone in 3.6 seconds.


The Ferrari GTO debuted on the Beijing Auto Show back in 2010, a year before China became the biggest market for Ferrari. Only 599 GTO’s were produced and this white-shiny-red car is number nine we see in China. The rest of our Famous China-Ferrari 599 GTO Collection™: with friends, azzurro blue, white & blue, red, yellow, a special-edition orange GTO, white, and another red.

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