Hello Kitty gets Gassed in China

Hello Kitty gets Gassed in China

A sorta freaky Hello Kitty exhaust pipe muffler tip, seen on a Mazda 3 sedan in a faraway suburb in east Beijing. The ornament is shaped like Hello Kitty and comes complete with a Pink hair bow and six whiskers. The owner of the vehicle was in fact a Hello Kitty fan, not a Hello Kitty hater, which in this case could be expected when one slides a kitty over an exhaust pipe.


I honey too! Hello Kitty is a Japanese cartoon figurine, and mighty popular in Asia. The copy cat manufacturers of China thus love this little kitten, and they got a lotta stuff for cars: Hello Kitty MG3, Hello Kitty Mini, Hello Kitty Smart, Hello Kitty BMW, Hello Kitty Volkswagen, and a Hello Kitty BYD.

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