Meeting the Mercedes-Benz Maniacs in Beijing

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That night I was invited by reader Peng S. to meet his vintage Mercedes-Benz and his maniac friends riding more vintage Mercedes-Benz. Sure I said yes and was soon on my way to a faraway restaurant in a faraway area of south east Beijing where there was Benz, booze, and a lamb:

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The lamb was a fat beauty and completely gone in about an hour…


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… and this fine water went gan bei in a very decent speed as well. Well then, after being fed up and half drunk I went to see the cars! Beautiful Benz monster machines waiting for me in the dark and dirty Beijing night.


On the left the perfectly pretty 1994 W124 E220 owned by Peng S., powered by the unbreakable 2.2 liter four-cylinder gasoline engine with 148hp and 210hp.  On the right an all original Mercedes-Benz 500E, likely the one and only in China, the maddest of the W124 powered by a Porsche engineered 5.0 V8 with an output of 322hp and 480nm. Beauty of a Beast!


My favorite S of all time, the big ‘n bad W140. Seen here in as a 1993 320 SEL with AMG alloys. The six-in-line 320 is a rather rare W140 in China, as most came with the V8 or the V12. Anyway and how, this 320 was the most perfect W140 I have seen in country so far, and I have seen a many: black on the marketperfect S600, the best S600, Pullman S6000, S500 with W210 E, motorcade, motorcade, S500, crash, body kit, S500 in white, S600, and another S600.


This wagon however is probably the most special Benz of them all. It is a wagon, which are extremely rare in China, and it is a 1992 W124 E300, which are extremely rare in China, and it is a low rider. The owner of this vehicle was in a very happy mood that night and demonstrated the sheer power of the engine, making me think it had a little more power than the official  185hp and 260nm.


After all that we went on a Wild Ride, with me safely in the passenger seat… Here inside the 1994 W124 following a Cadillac Fleetwood of another friend of the friends, and on the right a super sonic super tuned Hongqi H7. No need to say who won the race… My great Friends of the Benz, thank you, and keep ’em rolling.

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  1. Always nice to see that there’s also a down-to-earth, hands-on car culture in china, besides all the bling-bling nouveau-rich hyper-super-duper-mega car scene! Because let’s face it – anyone can go to FFF and buy a Koenigsegg. Hell, there’s probably a zillion people in China who end up with a Ferrari just by chance, because it looked fast, is red and expensive/prestigious enough to make your buddies think you’re an influential person. But procuring, maintaining and keeping a S124 on the road takes more than just money.

    I know someone with a 300E W124 in Shanghai who’d love to have a chat with these chaps, especially about suitable workshops that know how a KE-Jetronic works…

    Anyhow – two thumbs up from one fellow star-lover to you guys!

  2. Oh, btw, dat E500 (this being China, he shall be forgiven it’s not a 500E, since only they were assembled at Porsche) is one of the best cars I’ve seen on CNC so far, right after the Porsche 937, 964 Turbo and RS America. It’s more than subtle, yet powerful, elegant and pleasing to any gearhead connoisseur.
    Although I doubt it’s the only one in China. I remember a few years back, a guy on taobao was selling parts of a scrapped 500E somewhere in Henan (if I remember correctly). And the ad was definitely legit. Then again, it was scrapped…so yeah, maybe it is the only one 😉


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