The China Car Girls of the Wuhan International Automobile Exhibition

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Have the good times returned? Today in China Car Girls the sexy Chinese girls of the Wuhan International Automobile Exhibition in the great city of Wuhan in Hubei Province. Local shows like this are mostly dealer-organized events without any real news where visitors can try and buy a car right off the show floor. Shiploads of girls are readily available to help them decide which car is best. On the first photo a black dressed girl, four-button trousers alarm!, selling a Peugeot.

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Very NSFW this one. Be careful down below…

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The professional automotive journalists appear the be particularly interested in her behind. Nothing wrong with her front, me say. Her hair is two colors red.

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Up until some two years ago all auto shows in China were pretty hot. Then the government killed the party and we ended up with this kinda crap. Happily, we are seeing some sort of a counter movement recently, with sweet stuff in Yantai and in Xi’an. The Wuhan show however is the best of the year. So far…


White chick with big shoes. Close to the loo.


Chick on the move. She sweaty and angry. Does she not like to be in Wuhan?

She would be wrong, for Wuhan is a fine city. Located at the intersection of the Yangtze and Han rivers in central China, home to ten million citizens, home to Dongfeng Automotive and all its joint ventures, and home to the largest submarine-building shipyard of China. They also got great food and tennis hottie Li Na.


Hyundai had a girl with really long legs…


… and a bare ass.


Another wildly popular Hyundai girl.


Mixing traditional Chinese-style clothing with body shape.


What is she pointing at? Representing the new Bulck Envision. Bulck, that is.


Matte blue wrap goes contrasts perfectly with white miniskirt.


This oddity works for Dongfeng. The Wuhan show is their home match, so they do need to show something special.


And they did.

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