Wuling slashed Air EV prices down by up to 1,850 USD. Starting at 8,230 USD

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Wuling continues to lower Mini EV series’ prices in China by slashing costs of two models: Air EV and Hongguang Mini EV Gameboy. One of these cars’ trim level became 13,000 RMB (1,850 USD) cheaper. With the battery loan service launched earlier, the Wuling Mini EV Gameboy now costs only 27,800 RMB (3,970 USD). This noticeable reduction will help Wuling to maintain its strong market position.

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Wuling Hongguang Mini EV various trim levels

We will remind you that the SAIC-GM-Wuling joint venture (SGMW) assembles the Wuling Mini EV series. Its bestseller is the Hongguang Mini EV that was even the bestselling electric car in China in 2021, with almost 400,000 units sold. But times have changed since 2021, and now SGMW cuts prices of their bestselling product to keep the demand high.

What Wuling models prices were reduced in China?

First, let’s make it clear that not all the Wuling Mini EV car series’ prices were slashed. First of all, Wuling reduced the cost of the Hongguang Mini EV Gameboy version. It is a tiny two-door hatchback with 4 seats and dimensions of 3061/1520/1659 mm and a wheelbase of 2010 mm. It is slightly bigger than the standard version of the Hongguang Mini EV. Moreover, it has a more powerful electric motor for 41 hp and 110 Nm. It also has two LFP battery options: for 17.2 kWh and 200 km of CLTC range and for 26.5 kWh and 300 km of range. Initially, its price range was 55,800 – 72,800 RMB (7,960 – 10,390 USD).

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The second car which price was slashed is the Wuling Air EV. We should mention that this car is sold in India as MG Comet while in Indonesia as Air EV – same as in China. It is even smaller than the Wuling Mini EV. Its two-seat version got dimensions of 2599/1505/1631 mm and a wheelbase of 1635 mm. As for the car with four seats, it is 2974/1505/1631 mm with a wheelbase of 2010 mm. It has two powertrain options: for 40 hp and for 68 hp. Speaking about battery, it also has two LFP options: for 26.7 kWh and 28.4 kWh. They both have 300 km of CLTC range. Before the price reduction, the Air EV was available for purchase for 67,800 – 82,800 RMB (9,675 – 11,875 USD).

Wuling Mini EV series price reduction

As it goes from Wuling, this price reduction will be available from May 22 to June 30. Speaking of numbers, the sticker price of the entry level Hongguang Mini EV Gameboy with 200 km of range lost 6,000 RMB (855 USD). Now it costs 49,800 RMB (7,090 USD). But don’t forget that since May 11 you can buy the Mini EV with a battery subscription service which is basically a fixed-sum loan for 60 months. With the battery loan, the entry level Hongguang Mini EV Gameboy costs only 27,800 RMB (3,970 USD). As for the monthly payment for the battery, it reaches 358 RMB (50 USD).

Wuling Hongguang Mini EV battery loan service launched earlier

The second trim level of the Mini EV Gameboy also became 6,000 RMB cheaper. So its price tag is now 51,800 RMB (7,375 USD). But it isn’t the part of the battery loan service, so Chinese buyers won’t be able to buy it so cheap. Anyway, the third trim level of the Mini EV Gameboy (entry level car with 300 km of CLTC range) also became 6,000 RMB cheaper and now its price tag is just 61,800 RMB (8,800 USD). What is more important, it is a part of the battery loan service. So, it is available for purchase of 27,800 RMB (3,970 USD) with a monthly payment of 558 RMB (79 USD). As for the fourth trim level, now it costs 63,800 RMB (9,080 USD), and it isn’t the part of the battery loan service.

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Speaking about the Air EV, it isn’t the part of the battery loan system. So Wuling decided to reduce its price more severely. The first three trim levels of the Air EV became 10,000 RMB (1,425 USD) cheaper. Currently, they cost 57,800 RMB (8,230 USD), 65,800 RMB (9,370 USD) and 66,800 RMB (9,510 USD), respectively. As for the top trim level Air EV with four doors, it costs 69,800 RMB (9,940 USD).

Editor’s comment

As we can see, Wuling continues to reduce prices of the Mini EV series’ cars. It is a predictable move, because the Hongguang Mini EV sales from January to April 2023 dropped 34% compared to the same period last year (from 133,902 to 87,928 units sold). The main reason for this reduction is the emergence of strong competitors such as Changan Lumin that sold over 30,000 units in January-April, Wuling Bingo that sold 18,322 units and Chery QQ Ice Cream that sold 14,074 cars. Moreover, the launching of the BYD Seagull can also weaken the Mini EV series’ sales since the Seagull starts from just 73,800 RMB (10,700 USD) in China. So, it looks more like a desperate move from Wuling to keep the ground that they have already started to lose.

Source: Autohome, 16888, Wuling Weibo

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