Wuling Air ev

Wuling slashed Air EV prices down by up to 1,850 USD. Starting at 8,230 USD

Wuling slashed Mini EV series prices in China. It looks like a desperate move from Wuling to keep market positions.

Rebadged Wuling Air EV launched in India as MG Comet

It will start deliveries around mid-2023, starting upwards $12,200

Wuling Air ev Launched In China With $9,700 Starting Price

The Wiling Air ev also has a 300 km cruising range.

Wuling Air ev, First Global Car from SGMW, Started Pre-Orders in China

First Wuling's car for overseas market has CLTC range 300 km and 68 hp

Wuling Air ev Specs Unveiled In China With 300 km Of Range

The Wuling Air ev specs unveiled in China with 300 km of range, a 50-kW electric motor, and loads of tech inside. Let's sort it out.

Wuling Air ev Announced In China Called Clear Sky

The Wuling Air ev will be exported to Egypt and India later this year.

Wuling Rolls Out Air EV in Indonesia, Plans to Build 10,000 Units Annually

On August 8, Chinese automaker, SAIC-GM-Wuling (SGMW) launched its official production roll-out of the Wuling Air EV in Indonesia. At the event, the company...

Wuling Air EV Is Official – And Goes To Indonesia

Wuling has released official images of the four-seat version of their upcoming Wuling Air EV electric mini car. At the same time, Wuling also...

Wuling Air ev Is An Upmarket Mini Electric Car For China

This is the new Wuling Air ev, with 'ev' in small font. It is a cool looking little car, with a boxy shape and...