Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG Crazy Wild Limited Edition hits the Chinese car market

Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG Crazy Wild Limited Edition hits the Chinese car market

The Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG Crazy Wild Limited Edition has been launched on the Chinese car market for 2.63 million yuan or 424.000 USD. The base G63 goes for 2.29 million yuan or 369.000 USD. The extra 55.000 USD buys you:

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Spotted in China: a perfect W140 Mercedes-Benz S500

Spotted in China: a perfect W140 Mercedes-Benz S500

A beautiful black W140 Mercedes-Benz S500, Spotted in China on the Beijing Asian Games Village car market in Beijing. The big Benz was in super perfect shape, as if it was new from the factory. The paint looked fresh, the chrome looked shiny, all parts were in place, original wheel covers, original badges, and no rust or rot in sight.

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Test drive in the new Denza EV in China

Test drive in the new Denza EV in China

Last week I was in Shenzhen where I was invited for a test drive in the brand new Denza EV. I was a passenger in this ‘Denza Blue’ example driven by one of the factory’s development-test drivers who knew the vehicle inside and out. We drove on steep and challenging roads through the hills in the far eastern part of the city.

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Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Police Edition from China

A Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG seen trough the window from my Beijing-Jeep. The lucky owner must be a great fan of the American police, even including the 911 emergency number which for sure doesn’t work in China. Handwriting reads: ‘to punish and enslave’…

Maybach 62S Debuts at the Chengdu Auto Show

The new Maybach 62S debuted at the Chengdu Auto Show in Sichuan province. The ‘normal’ Maybach 62 debuted earlier at the Beijing Auto Show. China is clearly an imported market for Maybach and this is confirmed by one number: a German employee from Benz-China told me Maybach sold 14 cars at the Beijing Auto Show, most of ‘m the 62. The even more exclusive ‘S’, for ‘sport’ indeed, is available from now for a 10.7 million yuan, 1.6 million USD.

Mercedes-Benz brings A-class to China

The Benz A and B-class will soon be replaced so Benz sold the rights to the B-class to Beijing Auto and starts to sell the imported A-class from October. There is no other place like China to dump some old stock! Strangely, the horrible R-class is selling in great numbers in China as well meaning Benz problably made the right decision. Price will start around a hefty 230.000 yuan.

Daimler, BYD to Make Electric Car

International media reports on a deal between Daimler and BYD to make electric cars. Strangely, Chinese media reports nothing yet. It is 10:13 AM now in Beijing and all woke up. It might have to do more with the fact that parties still need government permission to start with their plans.

That permission is essential, as proved by the Hummer-misery in Januari. But in this case it is about electric cars which are, so most believe, not as bead for the bears and the bees as a Hummer. Permission therefore, is unlikely to be denied.

More on the Daimler-BYD deal in this excellent article from Wall Street journal:

“BEIJING—Germany’s Daimler AG and China’s BYD Co. set up a 50-50 joint venture Thursday to develop an all-electric car for the Chinese market, saying they believe China has the potential to be among the world’s largest markets for zero-emission vehicles.

Daimler, owner of luxury-car brand Mercedes-Benz, and BYD, one of China’s leading battery and auto makers, are expected to invest a total of 600 million yuan ($87.9 million) in the joint venture, Shenzhen BYD Daimler New Technology Co. The money is to be used as registered capital for the joint venture in the southern industrial city of Shenzhen.

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Beijing Auto Show Live: Maybach 62 facelift

It loox actually much ‘newer’ when one sees face to face, yesterday’s official pictures didn’t do it right. The grille is far bigger and impressive compared to the old car and the leds make it more aggressive. Benz hopes to sell a few of ‘m to the new rich in China before it kills the brand. But Benz doesn’t have too much faith in it, the new Maybach looked a bit sad in a small cabin in a corner of the stand, and no one mentioned the car during the Benz press conference.

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Official: New Maybach 62 for the Beijing Auto Show

Maybach will bring the ‘new’ 62 to the Beijing Auto Show that starts tomorrow. Looking at the quality these pictures leaked from a brochure, got you… Pics show the 62 on several locations around Beijing, photoshopped I guess but the car is real. Changes: a new front with a bigger blingbling grille and leds under the bumper.

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Mercedes Benz SLS AMG Arrives at the Beijing Auto Show

The Beijing Auto Show 2010 starts this Friday so the Supercars move in. Today saw the arrival of a very red, China will like, Mercedes Benz SLS AMG carried by a red FAW truck. Nice combo it is, FAW (First Auto Works) is most famous by it’s joint ventures with Audi and Volkswagen.

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