Xiaomi Modena

Satellite image of the Xiaomi’s car factory in Beijing revealed, production license expected by year-end

The factory comprises six shops, laboratory, office buildings and a testing track.

Xiaomi might be planning range extenders as phone maker recruits EREV engineers

The media speculated earlier Xiaomi might build range extender as MS11 is a rather long car.

Xiaomi preparing to present its first car model this year, unnamed inside source

Xiaomi might present its first car as early as October.

Xiaomi receives license to manufacture EVs: two unnamed insiders say

Xiaomi received approval from National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) to manufacture electric vehicles, this is an important step in starting production beginning of the next year.

Xiaomi MS11 EV sedan to get 101 kWh battery for 800 km of range

Xiaomi MS11 electric sedan will get a 101-kWh battery for 800 km of CLTC range. It will support 800 V charging.

Xiaomi MS11 Fan Render Images Revealed In China

The Xiaomi MS11's fan render images unveiled a lot of its hidden Easter eggs, Let's find them together!

Xiaomi MS11 Interior Exposed In China With Two Large Screens

Xiaomi MS11 interior exposed with a pair of large screens. To launch in 2024.

Xiaomi Modena Design Drawings Leaked Online In China. BAIC Is Supplier

The Xiaomi Modena's design drawings leaked, revealing Xiaomi's ties with BAIC.

Xiaomi Modena EV Undergoes Winter Tests In China

The Xiaomi's first EV called Modena was spied during winter tests in China. xiaomi Founder Lei Jun is rumoured to test them himself.