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Mazda 3 is a shiny yellow M3 in China

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A very sporty Mazda 3 sedan, Spotted in China in an underground parking lot of the Joy City shopping tower in east Beijing. The manic Mazda was wrapped in an eye killing shiny yellow wrap, and sexed up shitloads by a fatass body kit, darkened windows, darkened headlights, a black roof, black door handles, and speedy matte white 7-spoke alloys. Best however is the license plate reading 926M3, referring to the BMW M3 or to the Haima M3 or to the upcoming BYD M3 or to the upcoming JAC Refine M3.


Subtle wing for a little extra downforce. The good old last-gen Mazda 3 is still in production in China, called Mazda 3 Classic, manufactured by the Changan-Mazda joint venture. Price starts at 96.800 yuan and ends at 112.800 yuan. Lone engine is a 1.6 with 110hp. Production will continue as long as sales are strong. The 3 has gained an enthusiastic following and sex-up parts are widely available. We have a small collection: turquoise, Pink, matte black, maybe Benz, Lambo-doors, big wing.

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