Audi TTS Roadster in matte blue in China

Audi TTS Roadster in matte blue in China

An outrageous Audi TTS Roadster, Spotted in China on the Wufang Tianya Automobile Parts City in Beijing. The speedy Audi is wrapped in an eye-soothing matte blue wrap, and further edged up by a front spoiler wrapped in matte gray, shiny gray mirrors with the stalks in matte blue, a shiny silver fuel cap, and racy matte dark gray five spoke alloys with red brake pads.


The wrap is of high quality, neatly covering the bumpers and doorhandles. The body kit itself was standard on the TTS model, which was the fastest TT available at the time of its debut in 2008. Power comes from a turbocharged 2.0 TSI four-cylinder petrol engine wth 268hp and 350nm, mated to a six-speed S-tronic sending power to all four wheels. Unlimited top speed is 260km/h and 0-100 is gone in 5.6 seconds. Speedy Blue Audi!

We are suddenly seeing shiploads of  fresh TT on the roads, likely because dealers are dumping them as the all-new TT will arrive in China soon. Official price of the current car starts at 519.000 yuan and ends at 592.000 yuan. Time now, for our Famous China Audi TT Collection™: orange license, Pink, license (7TT70), Pink, girls & Lambo-doors, pink-orange, gray-blue, red R8, big wing, kiddie ride, gold, children, orange, with tree, pink, and purple.

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