Skyworth did it again. ET5 was suddenly renamed to EV6 upon launch

Skyworth EV6
Skyworth ET5 is now Skyworth EV6

In April, EV startup Skywell Automobile was renamed Skyworth Automobile to distinguish itself from one of the shareholders (who already manufactures buses under the Skywell brand) only to get the name of another shareholder (Skyworth Holding, which is a home appliance manufacture). I felt a bit bad when I called them the most confusing Chinese brand because of that. Well, now I don’t anymore. Upon launch of its highly anticipated Skyworth ET5, they announced the actual name will be Skyworth EV6.

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New Wuling Zhengcheng MPV Can Carry Up To Nine Passengers In China

Wuling Zhengcheng
This is the new Wuling Zhengcheng, a large MPV for families and business. The Journey is basically an extended variant of the Wuling Hongguang Plus. It can carry up to nine passengers, making it one of the most versatile MPVs on the Chinese market today.

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MG One Is A New ‘Global’ Chinese SUV

MG One
This is the new MG One, a trendy SUV for the famous Chinese-British brand. MG says the One will be sold globally, and besides in China it will also be produced in India. The One debuts a new design language for MG’s SUV range, with a more aggressive and sporty styling. The blue car on the first photo is a top-spec model, with duel tone painting, an all-black grille, and racy wheels with red brake calipers.

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‘Chinese Rolls-Royce’ Hongqi L5 spy photos leaked 

Hongqi L5 2022

Hongqi is an iconic brand best known for its large state limousines for politicians and wealthy business people. When the first Hongqi L5 sedan debuted in 2014, it was the most expensive Chinese car. The price was  5 million yuan ( $760 000). Hongqi is also one of the oldest Chinese automakers and is connected with the country more than others. The Hongqi in English means Red Flag, and the brand is perceived almost as patriotic. Also, the automaker claimed the Hongqi characters on the 2014 L5 rear are in Mao’s handwriting.

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Haval Shenshou Is A New SUV-Coupe For China

Haval Shenshou

Great Wall launches new cars faster than light, under their various brand names, now including Great Wall, Haval, WEY, Tank, and ORA. The latest new car is this Haval Shenshou, a sporty SUV-coupe with a surprisingly daring design. Haval usually does it more boring. The name is interesting too; Shenshou means ‘mythical beast’.

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Good Grille! New Trumpchi GS8 Unveiled In China

Trumpchi GS8
This is the new Trumpchi GS8, a massive 7-seat SUV with an equally massive grille. It comes in two kinds: a hybrid (the green car) and a petrol version, which has a different, and slightly smaller, grille.

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Ora Punk Cat NOT a Volkswagen Beetle?


Planned for market release next year, the Punk Cat is the creation of Ora, a subsidiary of Great Wall Motors. Ora has had good success in the Chinese car market lately, with a lineup of small, quirky electric city cars.

First appearing in the 2021 Shanghai auto show, the Punk Cat created quite a stir amongst car journalists and netizens alike, with discussions mostly surrounding the “originality” of the design. Along with the Punk cat, a suspiciously Panamera-looking Lightning Cat concept was also displayed, which added to the controversy.

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XPENG P5 Sedan released on Chinese market



Sedans are, unfortunately, a dying breed in the global car market. Thankfully, Chinese car buyers still love sedans, so manufacturers are still releasing new models in a frequent manner- especially ones with hybrid or pure electric drivetrains.

XPeng has long been considered one of the most promising Chinese EV startups. Known for their advanced self-driving tech and the curvy lines on the P7 sports sedan, XPeng is now venturing into the mainstream sedan market with their newly released P5 EV.

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Great Wall Launches A Tank For The Ladies – In Pink

Tank 300
When Great Wall launched the WEY Tank, and subsequently the separate Tank brand, it was all about roughness and off-roading . The brand was marketed as the wild brother of WEY, which is more about sporty design. Tank then unveiled a bunch of concept cars, each wilder than the other. All very manly. But now, there is a Tank 300 City Edition. Manly, no more. “Pick Pink”, says the image of the press release.

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