Exeed (Chery)

Chery Exeed Exlantix ET (Sterra ET) launched for 26,300 USD, available in EV and EREV

Exeed claims that the EREV's official measured comprehensive range is over 2,000 km.

Chery’s Exeed E08 flagship MPV may launch in H2 2024, available in EV and EREV

In 2023, more than 240,000 new energy MPVs were sold in China. The Exeed E08 may cost around 55,200 - 69,000 USD.

Chery Exeed 08 MPV to debut at Beijing Auto Show

Pictures of the Chery Exeed E08 new energy MPV set to launch at the 2024 Beijing Auto Show. Car will most likely be an EV under Exlantix.

The updated Exeed LX C-DM SUV hits the market

The updated Exeed mid sized SUV hits the market

Chery Exeed Sterra ES all-electric sedan with 905 km range pre-sale starts at 34,400 USD in China

Five cruising ranges are available in 570 km, 605 km, 650 km, 720 km, and 905 km.

New Chery Exeed VX gasoline-powered SUV enters market at 31,300 USD

Power comes from a 2.0T engine with a max power of 261 hp and a peak torque of 400 Nm.

Chery passes 1 million units sales mark, two months earlier than previous year

It took Chery 93 months to sell its first million units and this year the manufacturer's 2023 sales passed the one million mark on August 20th, said Chery's deputy general manager, Zhang Guozhong, adding the mark was reached two months earlier than the last year.

Chery’s all-electric Exeed Sterra ES sedan with CATL battery and 720 km range officially unveiled in China

Exeed Sterra ES will be available in two-wheel and four-wheel drive, equipped with an 800V high-voltage fast-charging platform, and a 720 km pure electric cruising range.

Exeed E03 Electric Sedan Unveiled On Patent Pics In China

Exeed E03 gets L3 autonomous driving and up to 450 hp.

Spy Shots: Exeed E03 Is An Electric Sedan-Coupe For China

Exeed goes electric with dual-motor sedan-coupe.