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Ferrari 575M Superamerica crashes in China

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A Ferrari 575M Superamerica supercar crashed hard near the entrance to an elevated highway in the great city of Guangzhou in Guangdong Province in China. The crash happened just hours ago on the early Monday morning.


It appears the vehicle was hit hard on the rear-left and front-right, indicating some sort of a spin. Both airbags have been deployed so the impact must have been hard. There are no other damaged cars visible in the photos, which likely means the Ferrari hit the barrier and/or a lamp post. No news on the passengers but they are clearly out of the car.

The photos were taken just minutes after the accident, even before the arrival of the police. A tragic accident no matter what, as the 575M Superamerica is a extremely rare car. Only 559 examples were built and as far as we know there is/was only one in China. We met this very car in November 2011 in the great city of Zhengzhou, looking perfectly right.


The engine is smoking and the whole front is gone. This Ferrari seems beyond rescue…

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  1. Just because you have a fancy car doesn’t mean you can drive. You never know. I’ve totaled 2 cars in my life, and almost 2 more. Happens so fast. But in retrospect, each could have been avoided if more careful.


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