Has the Hengchi brand from Evergrande Auto been saved?

Unknown third party set to buy 29% of Evergrande Auto and save the company. Could Hengchi production restart?

President of Evergrande Auto and Hengchi brand arrested

Evergrande Auto, a subsidiary of Evergrande group continues to have problems mount in its auto business. From low sales to production halts and now an arrested president.

Die another day: Hengchi 5 resumed production in the Tianjin plant

Hengchi 5 will be a valauble collector's item one day, the most adventurous story off all EVs.

Big Read – How Niutron failed to build its car

Niutron's failure to launch its electric SUV, set against the Chinese New Energy Vehicle market in 2022, where Speed is Everything.

Spy Shots: Evergrande’s Hengchi 6 Electric SUV-Coupe

Recently, Evergrande’s Hengchi launched its first SUV (Hengchi 5). And now they are working on one more car - Hengchi 6 SUV-coupe. It was...

Evergrande’s Hengchi 5 EV Sells Over 37,000 Units In Two Weeks In China

The  Hengchi 5 electric crossover massed over 37,000 pre-sales after its launch on July 6 after several setbacks, according to its carmaker the China Evergrande...

Hengchi 5 Finally Launched In China With 600 km Of Range For 26,700 USD

The Hengchi 5 is an electric crossover from the China Evergrande Group. It was finally launched in China with 602 km of CLTC range...

Evergrande’s Hengchi Postpones Its First EV’s Production Start

The Hengchi 5 Chinese EV presales were said to be postponed. A lot of different media reported it. But Evergrande New Energy Auto representatives...

Hengchi to open dealerships in Shanghai, Guangzhou, and 16 other cities in China

A recruitment order for authorized agents was made public by Yichexun Hengchi Automobile at the end of April. It listed 18 cities across China....

Evergrande’s EV Project Is Alive – New Cars & New Shares

The China Evergrande Group is still struggling to repay its gigantic debts but the company's car unit appears to be alive. Earlier, Evergrande tried...