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Jidu Robo 1 Lunar Edition Is An Advanced New Chinese EV

Robo-01 goes to the moon with 544 hp.

Baidu’s Jidu ROBO-01 SUV revealed, equipped with two pop-up lidars

On June 8, Jidu's released its first car concept called ROBO-01. The new car is a crossover SUV and Jidu call it a 'robot...

Jidu Auto begins mass mold casting just days before unveiling the ROBO-01 concept

Xia Yipin, the CEO of Jidu Automobile has made an announcement related to the company’s car-making progress. Jidu's first mass-produced car has begun mass...

Geely and Baidu strengthen ties with another strategic cooperation agreement

Official sources have confirmed that Geely Holding Group and Baidu have recently signed yet another strategic cooperation agreement. A similar agreement was made between...