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Audi R8 is matte black and a bit orange in China

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A very sleek Audi R8, seen in the great city of Shanghai. The fast vehicle is wrapped in matte black with some orange, and further sexed up by black rear lights, black exhaust pipes, and gigantic shiny five-spoke alloys. License plate is very good too, with 6 being a lucky number in China. The base Audi R8 is powered by 4.2 liter V8,  good for 420hp and 430nm.

Sadly we only got one pic of Blacky, time thus for our Famous China-Audi R8 Collection™: Pink, license (023R8), black alloys, bit of Bling, spyder in Gold, Audi TT, lime green, broken, Bling, China Edition, hits taxi, matte black, ABT Lambo-doors, another matte-blackhits mail truck, Limited Edition, in blue and in matte army-green.

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