The Exlantix ET: Chery’s latest flagship SUV starting at 27,000 USD

Chery's new SUV looks good and has impressive features

Chery’s Exeed Exlantix ET to start pre-sale on April 15 in China

The Exeed Exlantix ET is the first mass-produced vehicle to be equipped with CATL's LFP 2.0 Shenxing battery.

Chery’s Exeed Exlantix ET started mass production in China, ready to launch

Exeed Exlantix ET is a high-end electric SUV from Chery with a 5-meter body, up to 413 kW, and over 700 km of range.

Chery’s Exeed Exlantix ET is Li Auto L7 for the overseas markets

Exeed Exlantix ET (Sterra ET) is a 5-meter SUV with 561 hp and CATL’s battery form Chery. It can become the Li Auto L7’s overseas replacement.

The Big Read – Chery (3/4) – Brand madness

Part 3 of the Automaker Story on Chery. In very Chinese fashion, Chery like to come up with new brands all the time.

China EV Daily (Aug 13): Wang Jun’s Return to Huawei, Fang Cheng Bao’s Leopard 5 Unveiling, Dongfeng Aeolus’s Hybrid SUV Launch

Wang Jun returns to Huawei's automotive BU, Fang Cheng Bao to unveil Leopard 5 with a 1,200 km range, Exeed Motors to launch Star Era ES on August 16, Dongfeng Aeolus launches hybrid SUV Haohan with electric version also released.

Exeed E03 Electric Sedan Unveiled On Patent Pics In China

Exeed E03 gets L3 autonomous driving and up to 450 hp.

Spy Shots: Exeed E03 Is An Electric Sedan-Coupe For China

Exeed goes electric with dual-motor sedan-coupe.

Exeed Yaoguang PHEV Crossover SUV Spied In China

The Yaoguang is Exeed’s new flagship crossover SUV.

Chery Exeed LX ET-i Hybrid Pre-sale Starts at $23,600 and Coming to Europe

One of China's biggest vehicle manufacturers, Chery launched the pre-sale of its crossover Exeed LX ET-i 1.5T PHEV starting at RMB 150,000 or $23,600...